About us - Julia and Elizabeth.

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Two women with a shared soul.

Julia - the "Polishgirl". She chose to live in Bulgaria because here she felt she could find herself. And she found ... not only who she was, but also the amazing people who helped her a lot. 

Elizabeth  - the „woman warrior.“ With a heart bigger than the universe and a brain sharper than a razor. One of those women you always notice. Energetic, kind and with an incredible sense of humor. Red-haired fury, which for years has enchanted not only children during her puppet shows In the theatre, but also adults.

We created „MoKushle” to reflect who we are, what we believe in and where we stand. We wanted to share ourselves with others by creating a place where everyone would be seen, accepted and understood. A space without prejudices, evaluations and definitions. Because we believe that this is the foundation for remembering who we are, rediscovering ourselves, to hear our heart and soul again. The story of building "MoKushle" is very funny and full of incredible events. But those 63 days we built the houses were truly magical. Many people helped us - even new ones in our lives. We have been blessed by the universe. This was our reward for "doing our job" over the years.

We started from a bare meadow on May 5, 2021 - full of dreams, faith, and joy. Almost no one believed that we would be ready for the season. What's more, almost no one believed we could do it at all! But we refuted them all. Because the energy we received from the universe was unstoppable ... And it wasn't a matter of "luck" (as most people define it), it was a confirmation that when you do things out of love and not for money, people feel it. And they help. And they are happy. And they support. And they don’t envy. This is what we all felt every minute of the project. So much laughter and joy, and soooo much work (14 hours a day). But every minute was worth it and it is preserved in our hearts and souls. This project united us forever. And every inch of „MoKushle” is filled with that energy.

Now we are very happy that people are coming to „MoKushle” and are leaving in some way changed. Maybe freer, more loving, more thoughtful ... Maybe more believing that they can influence the world, people and events around them. And if they don’t have control, it's easier to accept them as they are. They also leave relaxed, smiling, not only because they were at seaside and on vacation, but also because they were themselves outside the world they are used to.


We continue with the magic of "MoKushle". You are welcome to feel it too.

See you soon:)

Julia § Elizabeth