About Me - Pepa Mokushletka.

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Here is My Story...

Have you ever had a feeling that some of the stories were happening as a series of pre-determined events, like a puzzle put on by someone else ... someone who knows it's important to happen? If so, you will like my story! 😊

I was one of the many PEPAs who were born with an already written destiny. I didn't think much about it and no one around me thought about it either. We all agreed that we would be what we were supposed to be. Just toys. We sat in the store and waited for someone to see us and take us with them. At the end of the day we were not worried. We were sweet, soft, loving – who would not want such a toy in their hands ...? That was how we "lived" - in anticipation. Every day one of us left, hugged by a smiling child. And the rest of us were happy for them and we believed "Now, it's my turn." It so happened that I was the last in the store. I sat alone wondering what child would take me. Will they be okay with me? Will they hug me? Will they talk to me and entrust me with their innermost secrets? Will we stay together till the end? …. such "plushy" thoughts ...

It was early in the morning when a woman passed by the store. She was somehow different. Her messy hair, strange shoes, casual clothes and eyes full of joy did not fit into the image of the people that I usually saw. I watched her with curiosity and she, passing by the window, looked me in the eyes, winked at me and smiled. It didn't take long time and she rushed into the store coming and saying to me: "Peppa, you are here. How long have I been waiting for you to show up." She grabbed me and that is how my life began - a life that was not what I expected at all. We went to a quiet, empty and cozy place - still a meadow then. A life where:

First: There were no children. There were only adults.

Second: They were smiling and joyful.

And they began to build, dig, paint, carry, screw. They created our home – „MoKushle” 😊. And I participated from the first day! I have never thought about how exciting this could be! How many new things would I have learned about myself. I saw myself in the eyes of all these people, but especially in the eyes of the two "mothers of MoKushle" - Julia and Elizabeth. They helped me grow, see the world, go through a lot of adventures. And from an ordinary plush toy I became MYSELF - Peppa Mokushletka.

This summer 2021, I discovered that the world is very colorful, amazing, exciting, full of good people, stories, events, emotions. I realized that when you are accepted as you are by others- then you start to grow, to discover yourself. To be.

This summer 2021, I realized that when you are seen without prejudice - your unsuspected potential is unlocked. And the magic of creating your own life begins.

This summer 2021, I realized that each of us has something to share with others. And I started writing short stories about my adventures. Look at them ... you might like them 😊


This is my beginning, my story ... and what is yours? 

See you soon,

Pepa Mokushletka.